Location Info

With islands, beaches, and waterways to the East and large wooded areas, and farmlands to the North and West...the region offers a true diversity of locations to filmmakers. Wilmington, a historic port city on the Cape Fear River, is situated twelve miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The city benefits from miles of beautiful beaches, access to numerous rivers, and the abundance of maritime forests and marshland.

The regional climate is temperate, but does offer four seasons. The average temperature is 63.7°F. Residents can participate in outdoor sports year round and can enjoy all the area's recreational aspects. Detailed weather and geographic information is provided on the following pages:


Map of NC with the counties diagramed with descriptions.


We are proud to announce that we utilize the Reel-Scout™ location photo management system. As one of the early users of the system, we have found it to be extremely beneficial to our clients. Reel-Scout™ allows us to quickly and effortless compile an electronic package of location photos that you can use to quickly begin the process of location selection. The photos are delivered to you via a unique URL which is accessible anytime and anywhere you have Internet access. It has truly revolutionized the process of acquiring and reviewing location photos.


4 charts of information: 30 Year Averages and last year's Normals, Means, & Extremes, phone numbers for area Weather Information, and Coordinates.


Chart containing predicted sunrise and set, moonrise and set, and tide changes.